How Many Calories a Day to Lose Weight

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Find out if Is Old School New body a scam? How many calories a day should you eat to lose weight? When trying to lose weight, this is a major number. But, it is not always the same for every person. Your caloric needs to lose weight can vary for many reasons.


When you want to lose weight, the most common method is, of course, dieting. This involves reducing the number of calories you take in a day in order to allow your body to burn fat. In order to find out how many calories that you can take in, though, and lose weight, you need to know some things first.

weight lossBase number

The first thing you need to know is how many calories you have to take in per day to maintain your weight, as this number varies from person to person. Many different factors determine this. For example, your age will greatly affect the number of calories you should take in per day. Your height and weight are also important factors. Other situations, such as metabolic disorders, will affect this number. In order to find this particular number, you should be aware of any factors that will contribute to it. Then, you can either contact a nutritional expert or look online for a calculator that will determine your necessary calorie intake for you.

Decreasing it

Once you have your calorie intake, you need to determine how much weight you want to lose. Usually, you can eat anywhere from 200 calories under your base number to a full 1000 calories under it to lose weight and still be healthy. Different diets are geared toward different purposes. If you just want to slim down, you won’t have to cut as many calories out as if you want to lose major weight.

A final note

Of course, it goes without saying that the more you want to lose, the more drastic the diet changes will be required of you. Consult diet plans to determine how you can get the best nutritional value out of your calorie intake for certain amounts of calories. These will often give you advice on what to eat as well so you can lose weight and still be healthy.

How many calories you should eat per day to lose weight is not a certain set number. There are many variable factors. If you know these factors, then you can find out your specific number and begin your diet plan to lose weight effectively and still get the nutrition you need.

The Cambridge Weight Plan: It Works!

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slim_bellyHave you tried dieting yet nothing seems to work? This is because you have not tried the Cambridge weight plan yet. This diet plan is known for following a very low calorie intake and the primary target are those who are bordering on obesity to the desperately obese.

The diet’s origins

Although it was officially made public in 1984, the Cambridge weight plan actually started in the seventies by Dr. Allan Howard of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

Through the years, despite all these new diet plans that came about, the Cambridge weight plan still is the most popular and has more followers than any of the diet plans around.

How Does The Language of Desire Work

The core target of Cambridge weight plan is to take in as low calories in a day as possible. What the dieter will eat is the pre-packaged formula that will provide the exact amount of nutrients, vitamins and calories your body needs in a day. This precisely formulated food is packaged in the form of shakes, soups and munches bars.

The dieter could choose to depend entirely on this food formula in a day if they want to see faster results in losing weight because the packaged food itself contains a complete and balanced diet. What is great about the Cambridge weight plan is that your body won’t go into shock dieting because you may be eating less but the food that you are eating is perfectly formulated for your needs. Thus your body will not set off any negative reaction or warning bells.

There are six levels for this weight plan:

  1. Being the sole source – this is where you totally depend on their food product as your supplement every day. You limit your calorie intake between four hundred to five hundred calories in a day.
  2. The 810 diet – this is where you can take in as much as 810 calories where along with the Cambridge weight plan perfectly formulated food packages, you will also be advised to eat some vegetables and drink skimmed milk.
  3. The 1000 diet – you can take in at most, one thousand calories in a day where your diet includes the Cambridge weight plan precisely prepared products and choices of your regular meal.
  4. The 1200 diet – your food intake which includes the Cambridge weight plan prepared products can also include a wider range of food options depending on your consultant’s advise. Your calorie intake is now is up to one thousand two hundred calories.
  5. The 1500 diet– along with your Cambridge weight plan nutritionally balanced products and a variety of food options, you can now include snacks and desserts once you reach the fifth step because you can now take in as much as one thousand five hundred calories in a day.
  6. This step is called “My Life” – where you have reached your target weight. The goal now is to maintain the weight by still instilling the same discipline you have when you were still in the first stages of the Cambridge weight plan.

It is important to remember that the Cambridge weight plan is a precise diet plan and needs the assistance of professionals. Never take on this diet by yourself. Always go to the Cambridge weight plan official website and set an appointment with their health consultants before you get into this diet. Moreover a visit to your doctor is also advised before you attempt any diet or exercise at all.

The Cambridge weight plan is not just about losing weight. It is about setting a goal and working for it. Once you have reached your ideal weight, the Cambridge weight plan will then help you maintain that weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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